Harriet’s Week 4 Post

Digital Citizenship

Today we learnt about internet safety and the importance of teaching children about it. Nowadays children are becoming more aware of how to use the internet and technology is now a big part of their lives, however, this therefore means that children are more at risk from the risks from the internet such as cyber bullying, viruses and addiction to computer games. Therefore, as teachers we need to make sure children are aware of the risks and how to prevent them.

The National Curriculum states that children should be taught about internet safety. Also all schools must have an anti-bulling policy, this includes cyber bulling. There should be a designated teacher/staff member who focuses on the anti-bulling policy and if any child has any issue, they can see this member if staff for help.

 I have found some useful links that are about internet safety for children:




E Safety Awareness Badge 




What do the posters have in common?

  • They are very clear to read
  • Colourful, therefore eye catching
  • Have clear instructions and tips of how to be safe on the internet
  • Key points for the children to follow
  • Mainly saying think before you post anything

My Poster:

Internet Safety Poster

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